Welcome to Kiai Gaming!

Welcome! Kiai Gaming is a project that focuses on Test of Honour, and occasionally dips into other samurai-related gaming.

Test of Honour is a miniatures wargame published by Warlord Games. It’s a skirmish game, which generally means fewer models on the table, a smaller playing surface, and games are quicker to complete.

The game is set in the Sengoku Jidai, aka the Age of Warring States, which saw clans from across Japan fight for control of the country. However, it doesn’t try to be absolutely historical, and leans more towards samurai movies such as Yojimbo and Seven Samurai.

The Kiai Story

Initial work on Kiai Gaming started a few weeks before Test of Honour launched. Alex, Kiai’s founder, wanted to be more involved than simply as a player, so he decided to go ahead and create a project that focuses on the game. The project includes this website as well as social media accounts and a YouTube channel, too.

After many hours and weeks of wrestling with code, Kiai Gaming launched in March 2017. The aim is to provide news, information, articles and videos about Test of Honour, and generally enhance your enjoyment of the game.

By the way, “kiai” is the shout that martial artists do when executing a move. Loosely translated it means “fighting spirit.” Most importantly for an internet project, it’s a short word! All of this makes it an ideal name for the project.

Other games?

Oh yes, I mentioned that Kiai will occasionally dip into other games, although that’ll be mostly on the YouTube channel. You might see games such as For Honor or Total War: Shogun 2 over there, although not too often. Basically, if it involves samurai and feudal Japan in some way, it’s likely to show up at some point.

Tech info

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