The Initial Lay Of The Land

Test of Honour product shot. Image credit: Warlord Games.

At the time of writing, Test of Honour hasn’t been released yet. However, a community is building around the game and there are already some resources out there at this early stage. Let’s take a quick look at what those are.

The Facebook group

The Test of Honour Facebook group was set up by Andy Hobday and Graham Davey, the co-writers of the game. It’s currently the main meeting place for players, would-be players and anyone generally interested in all things ToH. A lot of related material on feudal Japan is posted there, too.

Tabletop Games UK

The guys at Tabletop Games UK have put together a great page of resources for Test of Honour. You’ll find links for everything from community resources, how armour should look, terrain suppliers and more. Well worth checking out.

Warlord Games forum

At the time of writing, the official forums at don’t have a Test of Honour section, but one is sure to appear closer to the game’s release. For now, there’s a thread in the General Discussion forum.

Social media

Last but by no means least, posts are beginning to appear on social media. A quick search for “Test of Honour” or the #testofhonour hashtag on Twitter or Instagram will reveal a fair few posts already, with more sure to come. Be sure to add yours if you’re on those networks!

A promising start

Even at this early stage, the Test of Honour community is beginning to take shape. It’ll be exciting to see how things develop, especially after the game is released on March 25th.


  1. Fantastic site! Enjoyed the clans and factions article. Really liked the Metal Gear idea as I will probably be making my own clan to start with. Keep up the great work ?

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