Launch a Campaign in Test of Honour

Norowareta clan from Tears of the Dragon. Image credit: Tears of the Dragon.

Recently, a couple of very cool campaign systems have appeared for Test of Honour, one focusing on streamlined rules and the other favouring a bit more complexity.

Warlord Games has published a campaign system by Jez and Mark of Tabletop Games UK fame, and Graham Davey, co-designer of Test of Honour. Use the rules to set up a campaign in which you fight for territories which, when you control them, provide bonuses during a battle. These rules are designed to be streamlined in the same spirit as the main Test of Honour rules.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something a bit more involved, check out Tears of the Dragon. This system includes maps, rival clans and background, as well as regularly-published scenarios that tie into global results published on the Facebook page.

Test of Honour was designed for flavourful, cinematic battles, and a campaign is a great way to link those battles together into something that could be considered a movie in tabletop form!