Test of Honour Content Builds Up on YouTube

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Test of Honour content is steadily beginning to appear on YouTube from a variety of sources. Let’s take a look at a small selection.

Beasts of War has started to cover the game with an interview with co-designer Graham Davey on The Weekender (starts at 21:09) and a Let’s Play of the game, too.

Nazgull2k1 played a game against his wife, and unboxed the complete pre-order bundle, too. Tabletop Games UK also filmed a complete bundle unboxing. Wargames Illustrated shot their own unboxing of the starter set, and be sure to watch The War Gamer’s tutorial on how to paint a samurai miniature in Takeda clan colours (it’s not as hard to do as people say it is!).

Finally, don’t forget to check out Kiai Gaming’s own channel, which currently includes a look at some Sarissa terrain and an unboxing of the starter set. More content will appear on the channel over the next few weeks, pieced out so you can “zoom in” on exactly what you want to find out about.