Warring States Campaign Day Gathers Steam

Warring States Campaign Day.

On Saturday, September 30, Infamous Wargaming, in association with Warlord Games, will host the Warring States Campaign Day at Warlord Games HQ in Nottingham, England. As the name suggests, it’ll be a campaign-based event with up to 40 players battling in the towns and villages of miniature feudal Japan.

Several sponsors have already come on board to support the event including Deep Cut Studio, Sarissa Precision, Art of War Studios, and Bespoke Battlefields. They’ll each drop a little something into the goodie bags that each player will receive on the day.

The event costs £20 to enter and, at the time of writing, 11 out of 40 places are already spoken for. If you’d like to play, check out the Facebook group where everything is being organised, and where you’ll find event guideines and information (in the Files section).